About Us

About Us

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Being creative requires time and space, making ideas a reality is what we do.

The Kulmedia logo represents that one great idea, for you if it’s your passion rest assured we will help you deliver your vision.

With over 27 years of product design and 17 years in multimedia our experience in digital and real world are linked with a business savvy process.

We provide solutions in a world where speed and rapid response are required, we manage your expectations for Start-up’s to blue chip clients.

It’s really all about you! We can unlock the idea, we can expand them to meet targets.


We have been doing digital marketing since 1999.

Graphic Design0%
Web Development0%


Bespoke solutions that meet your budget, expand your horizons with us.

Web Technology

We have been building parts of the internet since 1999. Using web technologies for business, mobile and enterprise.


Print, Web, Real world we have a process which will deliver your message, exactly as your need it to be.


Building your brand from concept through to delivery for business, music, film, tv, radio and online.


With a wide skills set in a range of web building technologies we make websites using WordPress, Magento and many other platforms and languages.

Business Development

Business consultancy to discover what obstacles you are facing and how to not only resolve them but to discover new opportunities.

Making you feel amazing!

Whether it is to reward you with results or just to “fire up the engines” we work with only the best people, are you one of those who wishes to leverage our global supply chain.

Kulmedia Training Acadamy

Our Partnership to deliver Taster workshops in Multi-Media

We deliver Knowledge transfer and experience in bespoke packages.

Digital Design

With insights into project management how to follow client brief, from concept to delivery.

For Print, Online and Corporate communications

Radio Production

Developing skills and training to put a programme together, our method of creating new shows production through to how to operate a broadcasting mixing desk.

Video Production

An overview of concept from story board, filiming,editing and publishing to correct formats.