10 reasons why you should Migrate to Magento 2

10 reasons why you should Migrate to Magento 2

10 reasons why you should Migrate to Magento 2

Is your site still on Magento 1.9.xx ?  Well here’s

10 reasons why you should Migrate to Magento 2.

Yes, that’s right, MIGRATE and not UPGRADE. Let me start by explaining this in detail.



    The first and foremost reason to MIGRATE is the File Structure on Magento 2 has changed. Earlier we never had everything under the app structure. In Magento this has been a major update in File Structure that everything is placed directly under the app structure. The best part of the structure is that every module has it’s own VIEW directory where you can access all your CSS/JS, Layout, Template etc.


    The approach has been kept very user-friendly. Earlier we used to have a horizontal menu which had everything under Configuration in the side-bar. Magento 2 has changed to more vertical look approach which looks neat, clean and more wicked. It might take a little getting used to the new environment for the Mag 1 users, but it is definitely easy for someone who hasn’t seen Mag1 or a total newbie.


    Now this would come as a big relief to many who manage their own products. This comes as a big time-saviour and increased Customer Satisfaction. The attributes can now be added and removed and Users can add Product data by mass actions. Instead of creating simple products and then associate them to a parent configurable, now new configurable products can be created, making the experience a whole lot streamlined.

  4. TOUCH ME:

    Are you travelling most of the time and worried how to maintain your Store? Well, not to worry, as the new backend is tablet-compatible. The navigation has become touch-friendly which literally means you can access it anywhere while moving around the office or when you are travelling.


    Now some of you might be wondering– What is this? Well to be honest, if you are a Programmer, you will be thrilled to know that the UI Library helps you to easily customize the UI elements like layout, breadcrumbs, buttons, tooltips, typography and even drop-downs, forms, navigation, tabs, accordions and so many more elements.


    Now this is where Magento 2 definitely scores better than Mag1. There are Performance toolkit that can be created to create a test environment and run test scripts to test the Performance. Var Cache is another feature to enhance page load-up speeds and reduce the server load. This one’s my favourite — Indexers, rather improved Indexers, that help in indexing all the merchant data like prices, stores, catalog data etc. through indexing tables. This boosts the query speed and enhances the performance of your online store. You can also enhance the Scaling  through Full Page caching.


    With Sass/Compass a thing of the past, Magento concentrates more on HTML5 and CSS 3 and compatibility with HHVM and PHP 7. This has removed some good chunk of mess that we used to experience on Mag1. Data Grid has been improved upon as well.


    The backend DashBoard is definitely a big plus from Magento 1. The UI is simply marvellous. You get the feel of an advanced E-commerce platform now, like you get with Shopify or Bigcommerce. The menu system has been grouped by function so it has become more easy to navigate in the backend.


    Now this is where I felt some major changes. The Theme workflow has completely changed. Now the user can even install a blank theme. There is no SKIN directory and, as I said, everything is under app structure.


    Last but by no means the least, the Security has been enhanced for Administrators. Earlier 1 Admin account was created and was distributed among users on the site to work in the backend. No longer is this option available. As soon as you logon with the same user credentials the previously logged in user would Logout. So basically now you can create multiple ADMIN accounts. Personally I feel, this is very much a Secure option and for site owners it would bring much more accountability on the table.

So now we know why we should MIGRATE and not UPGRADE.

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